Midsona: Pressured gross margins in Q4 - Introduce

Thursday, February 6, 2020 11:05 AM
"Midsona’s Q4 report came in as soft across the board. Sales came in at SEK 825m (ABGSCe 862m), EBITDA at 86m (ABGSCe 95m) and EBIT at 52m, a y-o-y increase of 13% (ABGSCe 42%). Sales were affected negatively by the lost Alpro order. Adjusted for this, organic sales growth was 1,9%. The quarter was affected by positive EOs of SEK 5m (Acquisition costs -13, restructuring costs -2 and a positive effect of 20 SEKm from an earlier acquisition cost taken. This led adj. EBITDA to come in at SEK 81m (ABGSCe SEK 95m) and Adj. EBIT at 47m (ABGSCe 65m)."

Link to commissioned research below.