CTT Systems: Sales decline from divestment, better guidance - Introduce

Friday, February 7, 2020 9:13 AM
"Sales were SEK 84m (-1% vs. ABGSCe 85m, -11% y-o-y, of which -8% was organic (ABGSCe -13%). The Gustavsberg divestment had a c. 7% negative impact on sales (ABGSCe -3%). OEM sales grew 40% (ABGSCe +21%) and Aftermarket revenues increased 17% (ABGSCe +44%). This led to Aftermarket+IP revenues constituting 38% of sales (ABGSCe 49%), vs. 33% in Q4’18. Therefore, the mix was positive, but not as strong a contributor as we had expected. EBIT declined 1% y-o-y and arrived at SEK 24m (-13% vs. ABGSCe 28m), for a margin of 29% (ABGSCe 33%)."

Link to commissioned research below.